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I never had a gaming console in my life until University.  The first console I had was a 3DO.  That doesn’t count at all.  Were there any decent titles on that consoles?  All I had were demos.


My first console was the Wii.  I enjoyed it as it was my first real console.

Then my friend bought a Xbox 360 and played GTA4.  I was living in the 90s and GTA4 blew my mind.  Couple weeks later, my friend bought me a PS3.  What can I say? Till this day, I love my silver japanese PS3.


I also own a 360.


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I had the worst month ever.  My computer finally died on me after 9 years. Had to shell out $300 for a new one.  😦



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New blog: trixoptics.com

“This is the end…

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…Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end”

It is a sad day.  I regret to inform you that I will not be blogging anymore here…

BUT, I will be moving to a new blog:


Starting off fresh now.  Will be using my original blogging name “trixoptics” instead of “yumyu” from now on.

I will still keep this site on just for the heck of it.

I look forward in seeing everyone there!

Round 5

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YES! I am finally done! Well, I already finished on Tuesday. My exam period felt forever, but it was actually the shortest I ever had.  I hope to start blogging regularly now since I am free.  Going to start off with some free promotional items from Round 5 MMA action figures that I recently received.


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I have been slow in blogging this month because of exams. Can’t wait till I am done!

Earth day is coming soon on April 22nd.
Best Buy has some trade in’s, but only notable thing is trade in a laptop and get $100 off any Toshiba laptops.

Anyways, I rather have some freebies.

Brita Pitcher at Yonge and Dundas:
No way I am traveling all the way downtown to pick up a free water pitcher.

But these are what I am looking forward to:
Free tote bag from Disney Store when you bring in 3 plastic water bottles:


And, free coffee from Starbucks if you bring in a travel mug. Time to actually use my mug!


Tired, or is it stress?

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I haven’t posted anything for awhile because I have been studying.  My day schedule: wake up at 10am, sit in front of computer till I fully wake up which is a good 2 hours, eat lunch and watch The Sopranos at noon, “study” from 1-3, can’t study from 3-8 because I would be hungry, dinner at 8, relax from dinner till 10, my rule of thumb is that I don’t study after 10pm, so I watch The Sopranos till I get tired.

I had enough being stuck at home, so today I went out to play tennis.  Haven’t touched my stuff since last September.  My friend and I play on the court at Chartland, Chartland REPRESENT! It is usually packed and we always get kicked out since we just free ride from the paying members  -_-

Nonetheless, we go to the ghetto court near 401 and Brimley.  Screw Chartland! Whenever we go, we always get a court.  Just bring some baseball bats and come in with 10-15 people.

Let me share a song from a Korean girl group formed by Son Dam Bi, After School. I have been listening to this song as it is catchy!